Laura´s First Book

Laura and the Riddle of the Big Book
The First Adventure

It´s summer in the small village called The Woodland Edge, but Laura’s friends have become unusually pale.
They neither want to meet nor play. It seems like they have forgotten something, and as something is missing. But what? They simply can’t remember.

Through an ad, under the headline ”Lost memories, forgotten items and unsolved riddles” Laura finds her helper, the skilled detective Mr Pippidrello, a bat from the town of Naples, in the south of Italy. Together they will discover and investigate the enigma of the stolen stories.

But as Laura finds the book she’s looking for, the grey haired writer Signe Steelribbon turns up. And upon the book, her pet, the Persian patterned wardrobe snake is sleeping …

For readers of all ages, a magical story with the young heroine Laura and her helper, Mr Pippidrello, a small bat from Naples.


From author Lisbeth Nordin comes a fantasy adventure about libraries, secret passages and an unexpected friendship.
”Laura and the Riddle of the Big Book” is the first book in the planned Woodland Trilogy.

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